Skuid Devs Help Please - Is it possible to create Model Service to upload Attachments on a

I’d like to create a model service using salesforce REST API to upload files to salesforce on a site page.

I have seen Greg’s post about using Form Assembly to upload files, but I need to upload files to a new record and field level attachments via skuid_image__c object.

I have also seen that there is likely an apex/vf solution, but again I’d like to avoid using such.

Here’s what I’d like to do.

  • web-to-contact skuid page w/ attachments
  • use the skuid__image__c object to create a model for each of my field level attachments to precreate/save placeholder records for all my field level skuid attachment.
  • reference each of these models as defaults for my new contact field level file attachments
  • use this model service REST API to be able to upload both record and field level attachments. I’d have a model for each field level attachment and one for the record level attachments.
Then I could avoid:
  1. using another outside app, like, to patch together a solution.
  2. using apex/vf.
  1. Is this possible?
  2. How is the model service setup?
  3. Can you provide a sample page for this? I’ll cash in all my community points for this one. :stuck_out_tongue:
Or, is there anyone in the community who’d like to take this on? Willing to pay for this.

This is not an answer.  But merely a pointer to a very active conversation where this issue is being studied.