Skuid Default Sortable

Is there a way to make the default setting for every field in a table sortable == TRUE?

I’m guessing not, but it might be easier to edit the XML than change many fields through the page editor. (Paste the attribute allowordering=“true” to the tags.)

On a similar thought, I’d really like to have my tables default to not Allow Users to Reorder Columns, and the columns default to not Allow Users to Show/Hide.

And while we talk about page designer defaults, how about the Action framework not defaulting to Save Model Changes? A -none- option would really be nice!

Hi Mike,

I worded my question poorly - sorry about that.  I was hoping for a setting that would make any future Skuid fields on any future Skuid tables, regardless of the Skuid page, default to sortable == TRUE.  Although, mass changing them in XML would be quick way to update existing tables.  Thanks for the suggestion.

Essentially, I was looking for a Skuid setting in the ‘Configure’ tab that allows for default settings for components, fields, etc.

I thought so; I was adding my own requests for configuration settings.

Currently this is not available declaratively in Skuid. This needs to be changed on every page.