Skuid Community would really benefit from "Topics & Tags"

I love the Skuid Community and have noticed the # of daily new posts exploding exponentially - which is great! … But I think we would all benefit immediately from something similar to the “Topics & Tags” that Salesforce has for Chatter.

This is *almost* already in place with “Categories” and the Categories you have are very nicely broken-down, but unless I’m wrong, I’m guessing that a Skuid Moderator has to assign these categories to each New Conversation themselves manually?

And the ‘Related Categories’ checkbox when making a new post is missing most of them.

Being able to Categorize our own Conversations would help everyone out. And obviously the best solution to this would be if it had predictive tagging or categorizing so that if i mentioned Action Framework and Chatter as I started a new convo, the rest would be taken care of.

(I know… I know. This is a backburner suggestion, but I’m implementing features like this into my own personal workflow, and it’s helping a lot!) :slight_smile:

Thanks for your ideas.  Our desire has been to better moderate the categories of answers so that good conversations were moved into those spaces and therefore be more easily found.  Unfortunately we’ve been pretty inundated with community posts and havent been able to effectively manage and categorize them  (let alone answer them). We have been leery of letting all users add categories. We’d expect to see all topics being assigned to all categories!  But maybe we should reconsider. 

My suspicion is that behind your question is the desire to more quickly find answers to your questions.  The native tools in our community are not great.  I also sense we don’t have a good information architecture for categorizing topics. 

Here is a pro tip.  Use Google for your searches.  Add the following prefix to your search  “”  and google will only  look within our community for your question. 

But even then.  I have trouble finding that post I remember from months ago… 

Hey Rob, thanks for taking the time.

Yea absolutely, my main desire is to find answers to niche-topics within the community faster. And I’m sure many of us have noticed a very rapid growth in daily new posts - which makes this more difficult.

Regarding your concern that: “We’d expect to see all topics being assigned to all categories!” Perhaps then a pre-defined set of rules/keywords for predictive tagging/categorizing makes the most sense. So in other words, don’t let the community pick categories - instead automate it based on keywords in the initial post (i.e. Page Include, Table Component, Action Framework) - and cap it at 3 categories for example.
- But I don’t even know if this is possible with your suite of tools / or even worth the dev. time. Just thought I’d share.

And thanks for that search tip! I will often get to a Skuid topic through Google, although i don’t take advantage of the “site:” filter on Google searches nearly as often as I should.

After spending some time searching for some old posts the last couple of days, I remembered reading this post a week ago so went searching for it.  It took roughly 6-7 different search terms and about 5+ minutes just to find it.  I finally reduced the search terms to just “google” and sorted by recent activity.

This is a great example of where improvements could be made in searching the community.  Tags/Topics/Categories would be a great start but also being able filter by user created, user commented, custom date range, etc.

In short, it’s very difficult to find specific posts currently, would be great to see improvements in this area.

Yes.  The native search on the community is really bad.  Its one of our biggest complaints with the community provider.  I pretty much just use Google and add the prefix  “”  to may searches in order to let Google do what it does best…

Have you guys considered moving to a different hosted solution?  I end up using google as well but it still doesn’t provide all the search “criteria” options that would make finding things easier.