Skuid Clone

Read up on Skuid’s cloning capability today – very nice. How deep will the clone go? I know that it will clone parent and child records as long as Clone Model Data and conditions are properly set. What about child records of the children? If I follow the same pattern for Parent-Child (A-B) will Parent-Child-Child (A-B-C) also work? Thanks in advance, Irvin

As much as you’d like. Child of child of child of child of child of child… Done this myself.

Thanks Pat – after supper, I will pick your brain.

Performed a quick POC and seems to work – awesome.

Another relatively unknown feature in Skuid that is super powerful… 

This was one of the key selling points for me when I was looking at Skuid.

This is stupid helpful

Hey Irvin, how did you end up cloning child C as its not working for me. thanks

It did.  My clone was very complex and I needed to augment with JavaScript.  However, Skuid did the heavy lifting for me. 

did you base yourself on the cloning account tutorial or on something else?

The tutorial.

ok will try again. thx