Skuid causing a Workflow not to trigger


Weird issue that just started today as far as I can tell

I have some fields with workflow rules, that basically timestamp the field each time a new note is added + another WF that emails the record owner when a new note is entered… Used it for years now, all was fine.

Now today on certain fields and only on certain records it stopped working… no rhyme or reason…

Example: on same record 2 different fields with those WF rules (1 rule for each field). If i input a note in both fields, one will execute the other will not…

On other records both will execute… so for sure it’s not a validation error or something similar…

Really lost at this point on what to do next

In case needed here’s formula’s criteria i use for timestamp:
and( ISCHANGED( Discussion_Notes__c ), LEN( Discussion_Notes__c )>0 )

THIS ISSUE ONLY HAPPENS WHEN ON SKUID. If I overide back to standard detail view and add a note, all works as it should…

It looks like when using skuid, for certain records only,it does not detect, the “ISCHANGED” criteria…

Please help



What version of Skuid are you using? Any upgrades recently? 


Hi Karen,

No updates at all recently, been on 8.13 for a little while and was working fine on 8.13 until recently.

Let em know if u need access to our org


Hi Karen, had a chance to look into it?

Hey Karen, anything on that Bug?