Skuid Button to create and Activity on a record

I have a Opportunities that my team is working and what I would like to do it have a button that says “Called” or “emailed” and when clicked it would create and activity on the record with a pre-written subject and status. This way the last activity date field gets updated on the opp and I can also allow f the r team to quickly mark opps. as Called or sent an email rather than the other traditional way of doing all the clicking. Is this possibel and how do I make this happen please?

Yes, this sounds possible and quite easy. I’m assuming you already have a skuid page with the opportunity model. In that Case, do the following:

  1. Create a Task Model
  2. Set a condition that WhatId is in Opportunity
  3. Create a button set on the page, with Opportunity as Model.
  4. Add Called and Emailed buttons.
  5. For each button add the following actions
  1. Create new row in Task Model, populate pre-written fields
  2. Update row in Opportunity Model, Update Last activity date
  3. Save both models.
Here is a page for reference:





Nice job Adam! I thought I was actually going to be able to help someone out instead of always getting the help…but, your recommendation above should work!