skuid Builder - actions tree rendering bug + fix!

I’ve found a CSS rendering bug in the builder’s actions tab. Something about overflow. See the video below for a demonstration and a quick fix…

Thanks for the post! Believe it or not this is a bug in Chrome that I reported a year and a half ago and it’s scheduled to be fixed in Chrome 50.

no thanks for reporting that bug! I had my doubts that it was a chrome thing anyways. Nice to know the chrome 50 release is only a few months away!
TODAY!!! Chrome 50 is out today!!:

That bug had the tag Verified-50.0.2645.0 which has  lower version number than what I’m running (and what’s show in my screenshot above) and the issue is still present  :(  @Ben?

Just came across this as well. Ben? Any word on this?

I fixed it!!! The skuidbuilderstheme.css file needs the following change:

.nx-pagebuilder-propsidebar&nbsp;{<br>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;overflow:&nbsp;scroll; /* Instead of overflow:auto */<br>}

I use a chrome/firefox extension called Stylish and have created a rule with the following regex expression to match on all builder pages and apply the above css :slight_smile:


See the following video demonstration: