skuid attachment file name extension

At moment I am using skuid “File Upload” component.

I am wondering if there is a way to get attachment file name extension so I can rename attachment file name with correct file extension as we cannot assure that everyone is only upload 1 type of file.

In skuid online tutorial,

.invoice is the file type for the attachment,  but our user may upload more than 1 file type .doc, .pdf, .jpg and etc. How can I dynamically get the file name extension of the attachment they upload?


In the tutorial they are setting the name of the file and not the file extension (the file upload will respect the file extension already associated with the file). Are you wanting to override the file extension that the file already has?


Hi Amy, I don’t think that the file upload respects the file extension when you rename the attachment. If you don’t rename the attachment, then it does respects the extension. My request is how to rename the file and keep its extension. Cheers, Jiz

Hi Amy, Any update on this…Vas

Jiz and Vasu,

Currently there isn’t a way to get the file extension of an uploaded file, although our devs are considering that feature for a future release.