SKUID and Salesforce developer console

When editing a SKUID page and the Salesforce developer console is open at the same time, SKUID is issuing remote calls and triggering the developer console to ask Salesforce for logs.  If you look under logs in the developer console you can see them being created.  If at some point the open SKUID editing page becomes idle, the logs stop.

These requests take place several times a second, and begin to erode performance and consume more system memory until the entire Org including SKUID and the developer console freezes. 

Is there any way to stop SKUID from doing this?

The remote calls are the Skuid Collaboration features polling Salesforce for changes to the Page you are editing since the user’s last edit. To disable polling for a particular Composer window, open your browser’s JavaScript console and execute the following:


If you want to disable it altogether for a particular User or Profile, we deliver a Hierarchy Custom Setting which, when checked, will disable the polling for that particular population: 


Regardless of whether polling is enabled or not, we check for conflicts when you save a page, so overwrites will still be prevented. Does that help?