Skuid and HubSpot

Has anyone installed the HubSpot integration app using Skuid pages? If so, how did you get the data to show when you have enabled the skuid overlay?

Tammy - sorry we are a bit slower than normal in our response.  The whole Skuid team is at Dreamforce showing off the product to 120,000 of our closest friends. 

We use HubSpot at Skuid (how cool is that?) and we bring the marketing information from HubSpot into our Skuidified CRM.  Lets talk next week or in early December and we can walk you through the process and show you some of the code we’ve used. 

Hi Rob, Thank you for getting back to me. I was hoping to get this up and running a bit sooner than next week or early December. I have HubSpot connected there seems to be some query I need to enter in order to see the information. Is there anyone around this week that could send me some information? Thanks, Tami

Yea… we’re not gonna make you wait.   Here is how we have things set up in our CRM.  We have the HubSpot - Salesforce integration enabled,  which is an add on from HubSpot.  So - if you don’t have that feature, I’m pretty sure this won’t work.  But here goes. 

In our lead detail page we include data from the Hubspot integration. 

(name protected to protect the innocent) 

In the Builder it looks like this: 

1. In the Hubspot Tab we drag a Page Include component into the workspace.
2. We configure the Include as follows

  •   Visualforce Page:  Use the page included in the HubSpot Integration package.  Here we are using:  HubSpot_Inc__HubSpotLeadIntel
  •   Query String: sidebar=false&id={{$}}
  •   Lazy Load: If you don’t expect the Hubspot tab to be viewed a ton set it to Lazy Load.  This way your page won’t wait to display the basic lead information - and the Hubspot page will only load when you click on the tab. 

And that’s it.

Hubspot also exposes its data directly in salesforce objects which you can get to with normal Skuid pages too.  Build a Model on the custom Sobject “HubSpot_Inc__HubSpot_Intelligence__c”  and you can bring in lots of that data directly on your Skuid pages.  

John Nelson set all this up, and he may smack me down a little here about details.  But that’s nothing new…  Hopefully this will get you started. 

DUDES. I need this. I really need this. Please help me.

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