skuid and complex reports

skuid has let me create a very complex report the process has 3 steps first the user selects a therapist and a date range and an aggregate model is used to add up the number of times each client has had an encounter on the second tab the user again selects a therapist and a date range and a model is used to gather demographic data about the client there is a button on that tab that runs a javascript snippet that uses both the model from the first tab and the model from this tab to update 2 fields, one is a checkbox that is checked for the last encounter for each client, the other is a flag that tells whether this encounter is a “return” encounter for the client (ie, the client had more than one encounter in the time period) The last step is to apply a filter that removes all the encounter records that are not checked in step 2, leaving only one encounter record per client the user then exports the model to excel, which is the format that is required for the report of course, all this could be done with a custom controller and a visualforce page… but i feel much more confident working in javascript and using skuid’s wonderful client side models

Yay! Glad to hear it Ken.