Skuid after environment refresh

After we refreshed our Dev sandbox from production, the Skuid pages are no longer working. On analysis we found that there are no users added to Skuid package now, and neither are we able to add any. The “Manage Licenses” option no longer appear.   What could be wrong here?   Is this anything to do with the fact that Salesforce refresh converts packages to use a “Site” license?

What exactly is not working? What are you seeing when you go to view your Skuid Pages? The license difference shouldn’t be a big deal because all users should have a Skuid license in the Sandbox due to the fact that you get a Site License to Skuid in Sandboxes.

What kind of Sandbox is it? If it is NOT a Full or Partial Copy Sandbox, then you have to re-create your Skuid Page records, as well as Page Assignments if you’re using those, in Sandbox. The easiest way to do this is to follow this process: BEFORE refreshing your Sandbox, in your Production org, Package your Pages into a Page Pack. This Page Pack is distributed as a Static Resource record. Then, refresh your Sandbox. This will bring down this “Page Pack” Static Resource into your Sandbox. From the Sandbox, then, go to the Skuid Pages / “compose” tab within the Skuid app. Click the “Unpack Pages” action on the Pages table, and select your Page Pack Static Resource. This will extract your Skuid Pages from the Page Pack and recreate them in the Sandbox. 

Same process applies for Page Assignments.

See this tutorial for more details on Page Packs:…