Skuid 13.0.5 V1 Can't Sort Table by Date field

Allow Sorting option on date fields is missing.

Hi Pat!

I can see that there is no option in the table & field setup to “allow sorting” in V2 pages. However, in runtime, the date fields do have sorting options at the top of their columns. Just so we’re in sync, are you reporting that you want the option to disable/enable this per field?

Is this still not possible in v1?

Hey @Meredith_Meyers ,

In version 1 you have to click on the field in the table and enable" allow sorting" for each individual field.

For v2, you can allow the user to sort by column.

I hope this answers your question.


I have noticed that “allow sorting” is not available on some date fields in V1 even on latest version of Skuid.