Skuid. 11.1.10 - Question on [CORE-1565] - Significantly reduce Apex heap size usage

As referenced in this post, Zach says the upcoming release “should reduce heap size usage significantly”. 

I assume this is the improvement Zach was referring to.

Can you provide examples in how it will significantly reduce the apex heap size?

My go to method when Apex Heap Size was an issue and I needed the rows and fields, was to add javascript to load the model by looping a get more query until it was done.

Is this improvement something like this? If so, is it decoratively set in the builder?

Or is it simply an optimization where we’ll see a varying % decrease in heap size?

This is an optimization where you will see a varying % decrease in heap size consumption. Specifically we reduced Skuid’s consumption of Apex heap size usage when accessing object and field metadata as part of processing Model queries, so the decrease in heap size utilization will have the greatest effect when many different fields / objects are being concurrently queried. 

The improvement is a transparent optimization, in that there is no customer action required in order to experience this reduction, other than to install 11.1.10. 

The % reduction is certainly variable depending on how many fields you’re querying, and how many Models are concurrently being queried, but in our testing, this change reduced heap size consumption by an average of 25%.