Site users cannot Drag & drop files in attachment

Hi Guys,

We have a Skuid page exposed to a site and for some reason, the Site user cannot drag & Drop files in attachment. The Upload Button works fine.

I saw in an older post (the same issue, but with community users) that we have to change API Enable permission to true, which I did for that site user and still does not work

Any ideas on how we can make this work?


Hi Dave, what Skuid version are you on? I think we addressed some issues with site file metadata in Spark 12.2.10 (back in November 2019).

Actually, are you on Spring 20 ? 

Hey Zach, 

we are still on 10.x in production, as waiting a couple bugs to be fixed in the latest skuid version (have a case with support). 

In Production we are still in Winter 20

Let me know


Any Update on this issue?