Site formating failing

Very frustrated.  I made the mistake of not checking my iphone to see if my site would work in the sandbox.  So, I made the MISTAKE of upgrading to the new Skuid version.  
As it ends up one of the major benefits of Skuid’s new release was the ability to use the desktop as a responsive solution in mobile platforms.

The new release has resulted in breaking a solution that used to work. I believe it has something to do with iframes.

It would be great to hear from someone.  727-400-3202.


I understand your frustration.
It’s hard to help unless we have some more details about what’s going wrong.

What was the solution that used to work, and how is it behaving now?

Thanks Matt,

The behavior of a skuid page on a site fails after installing Iteration 2 of Brooklyn and after I3.

On an Iphone and Ipad the page cuts off after it fills the screen.   Android and desktop are fine.

Through my site on iphone this is the behavior:

Through my site on my desktop this is the behavior:

Through salesforce with skuid in preview on iphone this is the behavior:

Feel free to use these credentials to test.

User Name: 
Password:    222222