Site formating failing

The behavior of a skuid page on a site fails after installing Iteration 2 of Brooklyn.

Through my site on iphone this is the behavior:

Through my site on my desktop this is the behavior:

Through salesforce with skuid in preview on iphone this is the behavior:

Feel free to use the credentials on the screen to replicate.  

I have used your credentials to replicate some of this on two iPhones now. It is strange to me that it works with skuid in preview but not directly to site.

I cannot have an “Aw Snap” message arise. Instead, it seems to lock the display at the top of the screen rather than allow scrolling to the rest of the page. This would likely be a CSS issue. 

I think these are old scripts and might not work, but you could give them a try:

We’ve asked Salesforce about this issue but have yet to receive a response. Hopefully they’ll give us some help here and we can have this resolved.

Here is additional information.  I found the page that works using the old Skuid on Winter 17 in a sandbox.  The Site works in the sandbox:

The css is the same in both.  

see video

However.  It will NOT work in production.

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Site formating failing. Very frustrated.  I made the mistake of not checking my iphone to see if my site would work in the sandbox.  So, I made the MISTAKE of upgrading to the new Skuid version.  
As it ends up one of the major benefits of Skuid’s new release was the ability to use the desktop as a responsive solution in mobile platforms.

The new release has resulted in breaking a solution that used to work. I believe it has something to do with iframes.

It would be great to hear from someone.  727-400-3202.

The external links are missing and the formating issue still exists in Iphone and Ipad.   And then when I refresh I get “Loading Theme Composer” forever.


Elsewhere this was appeared to be a browser cache problem. Did that fix this issue regarding css?

We’re still trying to figure out what is happening on your Dorothy site for iPhones. Is there a specific reason your iFrame height is set to 60000px on the main page?

We do have a current bug regarding being unable to edit themes with CSS Static Resources. It could also be that. It’s scheduled to be released in the next iteration. I’ll post back here when that goes out.

It looks like this is where the problem arises. Does your problem persist if you switch to one of our stock / out of the box themes? Please let us know if your scrolling issue persists on an iPhone if that continues.

That is the same style sheet being used before and after Brooklyn.  Are custom themes no longer supported?

I did not see you previous questions.  The size of the iframe is set to that size as some pages in the includes are long.   I have not found a method to make iframes responsive.  

Custom themes are still supported. Testing on a stock them will narrow the potential areas of where the problem could arise. If it works with a stock theme, then we’d need to look at the custom components and go from there. If it breaks with a stock theme then we’ll need to look elsewhere.

Currently, this is the only website we know of that is having this problem on iPhone. We don’t have much else to go off of elsewhere.

Ok.  let me check

I will leave the changes I have made until you have look.  I do not want too long.  Here is the current state  Can you call after you look at it.  

Thank you. I’ve taken a look at it and seen it. At this point I’m trying to make a reproduction page that is simplistic and easy to see if the problem persists.

Thanks Stephen.

Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce this problem. Here is my page with custom CSS and custom theme, working in juxtaposition to what I’m seeing in your page. I have no scrolling issues and I can’t find a way to break it.

It seems like the ‘non-skuid’ elements are not meshing with the skuid or salesforce elements on your page somewhere. I cannot find a more specific answer for you at this time.

If you can create a simpler page outside the customization where the scrolling issue persists, I’d love to take a look at it.

Here are 2 environments with exactly the same css and xml  sandbox works production fail

They are both running skuid 9.3.3 winter Discover 17

Iphone and ipad display differently.

Both of those links take me to two different pages upon sign in and both work on my iPhone.

Hmm.  Me too.

 Here is what I have found on my iphone.

In godaddy is forwarded to  with masking.  (which is how it has always been set on Godaddy) (does not work

To test I also set up forwarded to  without masking  (it works)

Salesforce say masking will not effect them, so it’s not salesforce.  Which means something changed in apple as it pertains to masking or something at skuid.  Any idea as I would prefer to mask