Silk Icons - gone?

My pages in Banzai have a ! where my icons used to be.  They are there when I preview the page, but not in the page builder.  Do I need to do something to get them to show up? 

This is probably because your page’s Theme is set to Default, and your Organization Default Theme is not set to Classic. Can you check what your Org Default Theme ( or Profile/User Theme Assignment if you’re doing that) is set to? If it’s not set to Classic, or a Theme cloned from Classic, then we’d expect this behavior. If you want this page to use Silk Icons, then you’ll need to set your Org Default / Profile / User override theme to be Classic / a Classic derivative, or you’ll need to change the Theme for this page to be either Classic or a Classic derivative.

The page theme is Default, and our org default is Classic. We have not ever changed themes or overridden the defaults, so this is new since switching over to Banzai.

On the page itself, if I change the theme to classic the icons come back. But it doesn’t seem to understand the org default is already set to Classic.

Chandra, if that’s the case, this looks like a bug, we’ll take a look at this.

Thanks for picking it apart so carefully.  That is definitely a bug.  There is the workaround of choosing a specific theme for the page,  but we don’t want you to have to do that.  Also, rest assured that even though you get the ugly triangles in the composer environment - in your runtime the pages will have the correct icons. 

This was resolved in Banzai Update 5, available from the Skuid releases page.