Sidebar Component in Skuid

Probably not possible, but just in case someone found a way…

Now that we are using skuid, I have no more utility for SF Standard sidebar , except for 1 crucial Item

Our Dialer (CTI) in part of the sidebar and we need to keep it open for call disposition…

Would there be any way to have it directly in a skuid page, thus allowing us to completely stay away from it being open at all times?

Thank you 

These things come in waves.  This is the third time I’ve heard this request this week.  Currently this is not possible except by using the sidebar.  But we advertize the elimination of the Salesforce Header and Sidebar.  And this is a big problem with that idea right now. 

I’ll mark this an idea and make it “Under Consideration” 

Any update on this? Seems glaringly obvious to me during a training of a pilot group of users on SF Classic when we are developing another completely new UI in Skuid without the SF header or sidebar.