Showing pick-list dependencies upon new record creation


I have two models on the same page. One of them contains the parent record and the other contains the child records. The parent model is displayed using a field editor in edit mode. The child model is displayed in a table in edit mode with the ‘Allow inline record creation’ set to ‘True.’ The idea is that the user creates one parent record and can also create multiple child records at the same time. Upon click of save, all records are inserted into the database. 

There is a cross object field dependency between the two - the parent record has a pick-list that controls the values of a pick-list in the child record(s). Currently, I have an action tied to the parent model so that when a row in the model is updated, the dependent field in the child object is updated to display the relevant pick-list values based on the value selected in the controlling field on the parent record. This is working fine for the first row in the model, however, when I create a new row on the child object the pick-list values are not getting set for the new row.

I tried adding an action to the child model that updates the field based on creating a new row, but I’m still having no luck getting this to work. 

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

 - Thanks!

Er … uh … how did you implement cross object field dependencies?