Show warning if same page in a connected org has newer version

I think this is something that could be built given current tools, but would take a bit of effort. Putting this out as a long-term to-do for myself but also to see if anyone has a smarter way of going about it, or if they know this would not work for some reason. Here’s how I would do it:

  • Clone the page builder page and override the standard page builder with the cloned version
  • Add a model that looks to another salesforce org, e.g. a sandbox (lots of other steps first to create a data source that looks to another org)
  • The model would look for a page with the same name (and optionally same module) and pull in one page record and return the last modified date and last modified by fields
  • Create a template component with some warning text in it like “This page has a newer version in {{otherOrgName}}. It was last modified on {{date}} by {{user}}”
  • Render this template if the last modified date of the other page is greater than the last modified date of this page (or render it all the time without the warning part and just show the last modified date/by of the other page).
Because Skuid makes development so easy, we have a few non-developers doing development. Hard to get everyone in the same rhythm of comparing development sandbox to production sandbox before making changes. 

Would be great to see this built in. Maybe if there’s a guided wizard to setup your “development” data source, kind of like setting up deployment connections. Or just a checkbox on a data source that marks a data source as a “Development Source”. Then the standard page builder could look for any data sources marked as Development Sources, and query the SamePage model where org id is in the DevelopmentSources model.