Show Salesforce Reports with Skuid Header

Is there a way to show Salesforce reports with the Skuid header?  We are skuidifying our entire instance (including headers) and want the headers to remain consistent throughout (so the user experience isn’t too jarring).

Hello Curtis,

I’m pretty sure u can do it

The way to do what you’re describing is to create your Skuid page (just header you want), then use the “page” visualforce component within the visualforce page you would build. Add the following code to your visualforce page and you’ll be able to pull in your Skuid page.

"<skuid:page page="your_skuid_page_name" />"

Make sure that the SF header is turned off in your VF page code (or in your skuid page definition) and the header nesting will be avoided

This is from a post a year ago:

Hi Curtis~

Raymond’s answer is still the current answer … 


Curtis, while you may not be able to get the full report functionality within Skuid, you can follow Dave’s approach to redirect users to a visual force to create a Skuidified version of the report.