Show number of records on tab that contains related list ..?

how to add no of related records no related object same as we cxan se no  of records present in the related oblist.

Hi Rizvan.

You can use an Aggregate Model to do this and display the aggregate field in the display template.

When you add a model click on Advanced and change the model type from Basic to Aggregate.

There is a section in the tutorials on Aggregate Models too. 


Hi Gregg,
thanks for the response.
let me repeat my question once again.
i want to show no of records as shown in the figure in my skuid related tab list…


This can be achieved in various ways. Ie you can create a queue with aggregate models and display them as templates. Check out the tutorial on aggregate models and model filters and templates. Ciao

thankks…will try it :slight_smile:

You can also show data about a model’s lenght in the Tab Title field.  
I have a key people tab in my opportunity detail page that shows a related list on the opportunity contact role object.  The model is called “OpportunityRoles”.  
I can add the following merge code to my Tab Title field:  Key People ({{$}})

I get the following result: 

For more information on the merge syntax features avalable look here:

I think that gives you what you were after. 

thanks a alot ROb…u really hellped me .!!
i need a another help from u…

i want to add follow button on the tab/list page beside every record

Note: Emily answered this second question on its own forum post:

Thanks Rob…:slight_smile: