show more than 50 rows in a table?

I’m using a table and the action framework to replace what List Views and the Mass Update / Mass Edit appexchange package used to do for us. One drawback is that I can only work with 50 records at a time instead of 200 like I used to, any way to show more than 50 rows in a table?

I think I remember now seeing a similar response to this. It’s not really showing 50 rows in a table, but you can edit more than 50 at a time if you make your Mass Action a Global Action instead. It will work on all the rows in the table…in theory. For me whenever I try and make a change to rows that are on more than one page at a time it hangs while Saving.

You can change the Table’s “Visible Rows” property from the Page Composer to be “200” or “Show All”.

As of the Banzai release of Skuid, this is configurable from the “Display > Pagination” menu of a Table’s properties.