Show more than 25 items in a Select Option Filter

I used the suggestion from:
 to build a filter list of distinct Opportunity Owners and it worked great in the sandbox, but puked in production due to the number of owners. I have an aggregate model that brings back all opportunity owner ids and last names.   If I do not limit the model to return 20 rows the filter select list just builds with ‘Any Owner’ and not the list of owner last names. 

  • Should I be able to build a filter list with more than 20 options? I would need about 35 to make this work
  • Is there a better way to build a filter of distinct opportunity owners?



Filters can either display as Autocompletes, or specific,listed-out options. It sounds like you’re looking for them to display as listed-out options, rather than as an Autocomplete. By default, Skuid makes this transition at 20, which is the “break” behavior you’re experiencing. 

So here’s how to avoid:

1. Remove the Limit on your Aggregate model.
2. In your Filters’ properties, change “25” or “20”, whatever is within the red box above, to something huge, like 100. 

That did the trick! Thank you for the super speedy response, I really appreciate.