Show Mini Page Layouts on Hover

Has anyone figured out how to make the Mini Page Layouts show up on Hovering of a Reference field value? In some default page layouts you can hover over an object reference field name from a reference field and it will show a hover menu of fields. Is there a way to make this show up when hovering reference fields in Skuid?

We don’t have a declarative way of creating these.  However using a custom field renderer and some JavaScript you could add a hover interaction to the reference field, and have this action open a popup with additional detail in it.   Here is a forum post that describes connecting a popup to a link.  You should be able to extend that post.   

Thanks, I got some reading to do now! A custom popup will be very cool.

Hmmmm … there is a recurring theme to my posts recently. There are many many things that are quite functional in Salesforce Classic. This is certainly one of them.

There are many ways of accomplishing this without this being baked in, but they are all seemingly heavy lifts and not quite the same functionality as provided in SF Classic. Just like how elegant it is.