Show Hide Filed Based on Profiled.

I have make some filed read only for some profile in salesforce profile.
But when I am adding same filed in skuid page it is editable.
I think so this is the bug of skuid.
Because of this bug I cannot use field level security of salesfoce.
You need to provide some solution for this so when I make any field readonly from salesforce profile. It would be readonly on skuid page.

Give me workground for this.
Because my current system will not accept by client if this security is not there?

My Goal is to show hide some tables field and Detail page filed based on Sales Force Profile.

Rohit,  Skuid is designed to respect all salesforce security model. We would be very concerned if a field marked “read only” in salesforce setup was editable in Skuid.   This  should also work when broken down by profile.  One confusion I can imagine is that profile based field level security will not affect the Skuid Composer experience.  So a field set to read only for one or more profile -  will look like it is editable in the composer.  However in the runtime - running with a user in that profile - it will be locked down.  (Or not shown at all if the profile has no access to the field)

Can you double check to make sure your profile arrangement and skuid user is correct?  Can you send me screen shots of the setup and runtime? 

In addition, check out the “Running User Attribute” section of conditional rendering.  Here you can designate whether an element should display based on user profile. 

Hi Rob,
Thanks for your answer.
I am attaching screenshots.
Please check it.
In first screen shot I have set read only permission to one field called stage.

In Second Screenshot I am trying to edit.
I can edit it perfectly.

It was not giving any warning or error.
It should be read only for administrator user because I have set it in profile.

Rohit, the problem is that you are a System Administrator — the System Administrator Profile by default has a System permission called “Edit Read Only Fields” that lets them ignore Field Level Security, giving them the ability to edit fields even if the field’s Field Level Security says that the field should be Read-Only for that Profile. 

Go to the System Administrator Profile and go to System Permissions, and you will find this:

You will not have this problem with any other Profile, e.g. with a Standard User profile, Field-Level Security will be enforced exactly as you would expect, and Fields that should be Read-Only due to Field Level Security will appear as Read-Only in your Skuid Pages for Users for whose Profiles the fields are Read Only.

Thanks Zach.
I have added new profile with Employment Team and add read only permission to that.
For that user profile that also not working,

Can you send me the link where i can uncheck read only field.
My Starting url is like
you can append other part.
or you can provide me proper step from where i can go into system permission for administrator.

Rohit.  If you cloned the system admin profile,  the same “Edit read only data” permission would still be checked. 

If you ARE NOT using the Enhanced Profile UI  The setting is found in the profile setup page, in the “Administrative Permissions” section (On my profiles it is about half way down)

If you ARE using Enhanced Profile UI.  Open the profile,  Scroll down to the “System” section and select the  “System Permissions” item.  (Again on my profiles, it is the first option in the System section)

To find out which of these you are using,  go to the User Interface page within setup,  and look for the Setup section. 


Thanks Rob and Zach.
 I found proper solution.