show header on some skuid page overrides but not others?

I’m using page overrides and page assignments on my opportunities, so different record types get different skuid pages (and some not at all). 

I’d like to kill the salesforce header, but only for some skuid pages, is that possible? I know that setting is on the VisualForce Page that I’m using for my override, can I put the showheader=“false” in an IF statement based on record type? Has anyone tried that?

I haven’t worked with it much, but the latest version of Skuid has page settings for turning off the Salesforce header and or turning on a custom Skuid header. I would assume this could replace your VF code to suppress the Salesforce header. This would allow you to delete the header suppression in the VF page and utilize the Skuid page setting for Salesforce header on/off for each Skuid page, not sure if it will work, but I built a test page to play with it and it worked for me.

If you’re using overrides, i.e., anytime you open an Opportunity it takes you to a skuid page, it will always serve up the VF page, and whatever is on there will take precedent over what’s on the skuid page. I have show Salesforce header turned off and it works when I preview from the Page Builder, but when I navigate to an Opportunity from within Salesforce, it shows the header because I don’t have showheader=“false” on my VF page. 

Ah…I see. I didn’t get that far. Is the reverse true? If you have false on the VF, but the Skuid page set to Salesforce header on, does the Skuid page force the Salesforce header back in? That may get the job done.

Disregard. That won’t address your issue.

yeah nope. VF page always takes precedent. Thanks for trying though!

I think there’s a way to do a check for the record type from the VF page, but I think I will have to use an Apex Class extension and call an Action that way.

This is for a small subset of our instance, so I may just hard code all possible links to the Opp detail page from our Opp Tab page so that they go to a specific page and not trigger the Opp View override. 

Though if anyone has figured this out would be happy for a better long term solution. :slight_smile:

Not sure if you found an answer, but I stumbled across this tutorial that shows two ways to display a Skuid page in VF. It talks mostly about <>. At the end it says that if you use that method, the header settings of your Skuid page will be ignored. Perhaps you could try the other method (redirect) and the header settings would be implemented??? Page Not Found — Skuid v15.1.6 Documentation