Show fields that are blank, and allow to input data

Hi guys,

maybe I’m missing something simple,in V1 but I have a step in a process, where i need to query some fields (over 50) from a model, to see if any are blank.

If blank I need to display those fields and allow the user to fill in the missing data, before moving to the next step.

The issue, i’m having is that if I add let’s say all 50 fields to the page, and on each, I make a condition to only show if = blank/null, the moment user starts typing in those fields, the field disappears (as no longer blank/null) and user can not complete adding info into it.

The only thing that comes to my mind is some sort of JS script, that woudl delay the hidecondition or somethign similar, but wondering if maybe a simpler way, as a JS noob

Any idea would be appreciated


How about if you create two identical models. You query them both, then display a field editor on the second model. Then you base your field rendering for each field based on whether the first model’s field is blank.

that way, you are updating a model that is different than the model determining the rendering. Model 1 fields will remain blank and so the field will not disappear when you enter data in model 2.

oO good idea, will try that soon! ty :slight_smile:

@Skuidward_Tentacles Forgot to update you, but thank you worked like a charm!