Show different page in community than internal, same profile

We are almost ready to deploy our Skuid community but I have some questions around the best way to assign pages.

I have an internal Skuid page - the page my users see when they click on a standard detail page called OrderDetail.

I have another Skuid page that I built for Community users.  It has all the fancy branding (master - child pages).  There are links to other records where I would want to navigate to other Community specific pages, called OrderDetailCommunity.

I can set page assignments for my Customer Community profile, but what about when my internal users log into the community?  They have a different (non community) profile so they wouldn’t see the same pages our customer sees.

Is there a way I can specify a detail page to show in the community, and a different one in my internal org?

Hi, Chandra! Have you experimented with using “situation type” in page assignments instead of object? You could have an “InternalOrder” situation and an “ExternalOrder” situation type.  Then in your Visualforce page you just use that situation as the object type e.g. “objectType=InternalOrder.”  Let me know if this is helpful for you!

OHHHH!!! That’s how this is used. I always wondered. Cool. So it’s based on the VF page you give the user. Does that mean the Profile then has to be evaluated in the VF page in order to provide the appropriate objectType?

Doesn’t that mean that you would three sets of Profiles?

Internal User Profiles
Internal User Community Profiles
Community User Profiles

If so, can you not use the Profile based page assignments?

Anna - this sounds perfect.  Can you give us an example or point me to some documentation on how to do this?  Thanks!!

Pat - in my case, my internal users have one profile - Internal User.  They can access the community (using Login as an Employee link) so they view the community using their regular SF login, not a special user id just for the community.  So I need my Internal Users to see the Internal pages when not in the community, and the fancy branded pages when they are in the community.

So, then you simply want to know when the internal user is logged into the community. Is it even possible for internal users to login into the community vs. just standard salesforce.

Sure! There’s a little blurb about it here, under (b) use page assignments, let me know if you need more information. 

Pat - I’m a little confused by the question. I don’t think that profile is necessary, at least from the skuid:page side of things, unless there’s different versions of the page being shown to different profiles (and not just in different situations), then you should add Profile in. Does that make sense?  

One way we use situation type in our own CRM is for the “Home” situation  so that users see different pages in a custom tab or home page component based on Situation type “Home” and profile type, “Sales” or “MarketingUser”  etc.

Pat, regular users can log into the community if you enable that feature on their profile.