Show different field editors depending on record type, similar to how you can assigning a page layou

I have a Queue Component that will pull in records with two different Record Types. I want the detail page that the Page Include references to show different fields depending on the Record Type of the Record selected in the Queue. I read that I might be able to use Javascript to kill a Field Editor if a record doesn’t exist, but the record will exist it will just have a different Salesforce Record Type.

Drew,  this fits is a category of requests we are seeing a lot of lately.  We call it conditional rendering.  It is on our roadmap to implement throughout Skuid, but is not available in the declarative builder right now.  In your case the Field Editor (or particular fields) would take a condition that makes it show only if the field’s record type was a particular value.  

There has been some conversations in the community about solving this with Javascript - which is feasible,  but has proven buggy.  We don’t have any official solution in that vein.  

So, the official answer is that we know this is a customer need and are working on it. 

Probably not good enough,  but its what I’ve got. 

I appreciate the honesty, and I look forward to the Solution.

Drew, In the mean time, perhaps you could make different detail pages for the different record types, each with the correct fields for that type. Then when a record is selected in the queue call up the appropriate detail page in the page include reference. This is a brute force approach that changes the whole detail page, instead of trying to dynamically make the changes within the same detail page. You would need to set the queue’s action to “run snippet” and then run the javascript that would do the same thing as the action “update page include panel”, except set the page involved dynamically. If you want to pursue this course and need help with the javascript let me know and I’ll try to dig it out for you.