Show count of records on graph data label?

I attempted to search for this but could not find much about this.

Below I attached a screenshot of a chart I made, but a request has been made to show the number of records that represent each piece of the pie, is this possible to show on the data label itself (ex. “Corporate (8)”, “Franchise (30)”)?

Very possible (see screenshot).
You will have to add a Javascript snippet, and add that snippet to the chart in the advanced section.

var chartObj = arguments[0], $ = skuid&#46;$; $&#46;extend(true, chartObj&#46;plotOptions,{ pie: { dataLabels: { format: "{point&#46;name} - {point&#46;y:,&#46;0f} ", enabled: true, color: (Highcharts&#46;theme &amp;&amp; Highcharts&#46;theme&#46;dataLabelsColor) || 'black', } } });<br />

This worked perfectly!  Thank you!