Show calendar month as month and year on aggregate query grouping

Is it possible to show the Calander Month as a the month and year, rather than the month number? So instead of Month 9, it would say Sept 2016.

If you use a basic model rather than an aggregate, you should be able to select a date field and group by calendar month. If the chart series aggregation options don’t work to get the data you want, I’ve had some luck using a basic model to set the axis on the chart, then use an aggregated model to display the series.

I don’t see the same category options in my version of Skuid. Also, “Calendar Month” for me, shows the month number. I can’t find an option that also includes the year.

Right now I have data from 2 different calendar years that are being aggregated together, rather than being shown separately on the chart.


It looks like in your screenshot you’re using an aggregate model. I believe Josh was suggesting a basic model instead.