Show Account Hierarchy's results in a Table

I’m a noobie trying out some ideas in SKUID which include a Tab called Group Account Performance on the Account Page. This returns a list of all accounts in the Hierarchy into a summed table so that I can aggregate their overall performance.

So far I have made it work, but when generating a preview, I’m prompted to input AccountID, ParentAccountID, and again AccountID - this makes me think I’ve overcomplicated it.  Note that not all accounts have Parent Accounts…

Any ideas of the best way to achieve this?

It sounds like your Skuid page is set up as an account detail page. That means you have a model on the account object with a condition to only display one record. The preview is asking what record you want to display with the first “AccountId” it is asking for. That seems normal. You also have a table on the page to show child accounts of the currently displayed account. This would be on a separate model also on the account object. This would have a condition to only display accounts whose ParentAccountId equals the AccountId in context which is why the preview is asking for the ParentAccountId. You may want to set this condition as: ParentAccountId = field from another model . Then choose your main account model and select the AccountId field. I think the preview will stop asking you for ParentAccountId then. The third input it is asking for is AccountId again, so it sounds like you have another condition based of AccountId. Again, for this condition you may want to set it to equal the AccountId field from your main model. Hope this helps.