Show a field only when at least 1 search is performed on a lookup field

Hi is it possible to conditionally show or hide a field based on if the user has at least performed one search in a lookup field? User will only have the option to save a custom label after he performs a search first. The skuid lookup control is locked down. Ideally we want to add a link at the bottom of the search results...

I have a custom renderer with a popup solution. Any other simpler ways?

Hmmm … you could start with a model that doesn’t query on page load. Then you can conditionally render once that model has rows.

Thanks. But this is on the lookup field column in a table…

How about a model action to set a “search performed” UI checkbox to true if your Look Up field on the model was modified?

Hi Jili

I would to, create a new Model (Object not important), which does NOT load on pageload and just has an UIonly-Field “SearchPerformed”, type Checkbox.
On performing the Search, you set this Checkbox on true … and when “SearchPerformed” = “true” you render/enable the Save-Button.

Thanks. Yes I added the UI only field to the model in question. And only show the save button when a value is entered in the search box…