Should a Create Row action come before or after Show Popup when using a popup to add a row?

Creating a row before the popup instead of after changes the behavior of a field editor in the popup.

I am using a global action on a table to create a new row in a popup. The method shown in the skuid tutorial has a Create Row action followed by Show Popup. In the popup, a field editor displays the fields needed for a new row.

If the user cancels changes to the new row (before saving anything), the field editor goes blank. This is expected. 

But in my use case I want to create a new row programatically without having the user close the popup and start over. (There are multiple long-text fields where edit-save-edit-cancel-edit-save is typical behavior.) This is not working.

To debug, I added a New Row button (in a Page Title) to run the Create Row action. A new row is created (and can be seen in the underlying table), but it does not appear in the field editor.

However, if I change the original action sequence to Show Popup, then Create Row, the new row is displayed in the field editor in the popup. When changes are canceled (before any save), the field editor goes blank as before. But now when the New Row button creates a new row, the field editor does display it. I can also go back to my programatic method of adding a new row.  

Although the second method is a workaround for the problem with the first, are the two methods supposed to behave differently?