Shoretel Phone Integration Issue with multiple contacts having the same number

We have recently updated to the new version of skuid and during some testing with the new call center integration we ran into a problem relating calls to a specific contact. We have multiple contacts that all have the same number and because of this when we place a call the Shoretel plugin wants you to pick which contact to assign the call to. To do this you click on the contacts name and it takes you to their contact page and the call should now be assigned to that contact. The problem we are having is that the plugin isn’t recognizing the skuid contact page as the contact page. If we do the “nooverride” and go to regular salesforce contact page it works and assigns the call to that contact. These images show what I am describing: The first one is an example of contacts with the same phone number The Second one shows the plugin with all the contacts and asking you to relate the call to one. The third one shows our skuid contact page and the plugin still asking to relate the call to a contact. The last one shows a regular salesforce page and that the plugin assigned the call to that contact.

Hi Michael, Can you Grant Login Access to Skuid Support so that we can test this?

Yep, you should have access now, also if we click the call button next to the actual contacts name it works as intended and assigns the call to the contact we clicked on regardless of how many other contacts the number has. If we click the number at our custom field “Primary Phone number”, however, we get the problem I stated. The problem also occurs if one of the contacts with the number calls into the office because it is wanting us to select which contact is calling and currently it doesn’t recognize our skuid contact page as the contact page.

Michael, we are still working to try to resolve this on our end, we are hoping to get it straightened out early next week. Thanks for your patience!

Yep not a problem, thanks for the quick response and helping us resolve the issue!

Any update on the problem?

Hi Michael, we are still working to achieve this, no resolution yet unfortunately. We’ll keep you updated, hopefully early next week we’ll find a solution.

Hi Zach, Thank you for the responses and communication you have provided so far on this issue and I am just wondering has a solution has been found yet? Thanks

Hi Michael, Unfortunately, no solution yet. We have been in dialogue with the CTI product managers, and they have not been able to provide us with a way to achieve what you are after.

Hi Zach,

Sorry to keep bugging you about this issue but I assume that a solution still hasn’t been found?


Hi Michael, unfortunately no, a solution has still not been found yet.