Sharepoint Data Source

I’m having trouble setting up a Model with SharePoint. I used the following tutorial, but it doesn’t look like it’s working properly when creating a new page.… Once I start composing a new page, I don’t get any auto complete for the “External Object Name” field. Has anyone gotten this to work properly? Also what did you use for authentication?

HI Christopher, to double check, did you go into the Skuid connect tab and set up a model service for your specific SharePoint database? This is very important and it’s that that populates your external object name field.  It’s Step 1 in that tutorial.

I did set up a Model Service. Is there a way to test that it is working properly?

It looks to be an issue authenticating. The SharePoint site is set up to use NTLM. Is this supported?

Hmmm. Unfortunately I’m a little fuzzy on the authentication piece. If you go into Connect > Model Services > Model Services and click on the little switchboard icon for Advanced Settings next to your Sharepoint database there will be some options for configuring Authentication Method (including shared logins).

Additionally, in Connect > Model Services > Authentication Providers you can add a new authentication providerbut right now the only available methods are OAuth 1, OAuth 2.0, and Custom Apex. 

Christopher, first of all, are you connecting to a SharePoint Online instance, or a locally-hosted / behind-the-firewall SharePoint installation?

There were several missing steps in that tutorial which would likely have prevented you from connecting to SharePoint Online, but we have recently updated the tutorial to address these missing steps and update the tutorial to correspond with the latest release of Skuid, Banzai Update 7, which we highly recommend installing (get it here).

The key missing steps, just for reference, were these:

  • Authentication: You must select an Authentication Provider to use to connect to SharePoint Online. As the tutorial describes, there are a couple ways to do this, the easiest being to use the Sharepoint_SharedLogin Authentication Provider that Skuid comes pre-installed with.
  • (if using the Sharepoint_SharedLogin) Authentication Provider) Enter Username / Password credentials. See the tutorial for more information - this was missing previously.
  • Create a Remote Site Setting for - this is critical for the Sharepoint_SharedLogin Authentication Provider to function and was previously omitted from the tutorial.