Shared events not showing on skuid calendar

Over the weekend, I started getting numerous issues from users stating that calendar events that used to be shared are no longer showing up on their Skuid Calendar. If I login as them and Click on the home page I can navigate as them to see the Users calendar but it is not showing up on Skuid. This is not across the board. It is happening to select users. Users started noticing it over the weekend. I did not do any updates. Sharing rules are still in tact? Any ideas on this one? It is odd.

If I take an event and change the assigned to to that user they can see those events on the Skuid Calendar. So it definitely feels like a calendar sharing issue. But that users calendar is shared with that user. . .And the user who can’t see the events on the Skuid calendar can see them on the Salesforce standard calendar when they navigate to the employeees calendar.

I have submitted a case to Salesforce.  I have other users who now have Invalid Access Id when trying to edit a contact.  Some users who go to look at contacts view in Skuid and no contacts are listed.  Something went haywire with sharing rules somewhere. 

The only thing I did in the system, and it wasn’t in the system, was to sign up for a trial Skuid Platform account over the weekend.  Is there any possibility that could have a negative impact. I am racking my brain at anything that could have changed over the weekend.

Hi Rich. Signing up for a trial Skuid Platform account shouldn’t be related to what’s happening in Salesforce. The only possible connection would be if you had made changes in Salesforce towards connecting to it as a data source for your Platform account. 

Regarding your calendar sharing issue, I know you’ve opened a Salesforce support case. I wanted to ask if you were able to see or reproduce any related issues outside of Skuid; i.e. on standard Salesforce.

Spring '17 Major Release was rolled out on Friday, and issues started after that. I must have missed a new release issue or there are issues with the release. I will start hunting to find if there was something in the new release that affects sharing rules.

This has been resolved. I recalculated sharing rules and all issues in all the nooks and crannies have disappeared.

Update: Recalculated sharing rules last night which fixed all the issues.  Users reported back that issues were resolved.  This morning all the original issues are back.  Sharing rules appear to be degrading over time.  Recalculated sharing rules this morning and everything fixed again. . . This is not a SKUID issue.