SFDC Validation rules not displaying in Skuid page? (Brooklyn 10.0.5)

I have multiple SFDC Validation Rules that I have tested natively in Salesforce (different field types) and they work properly. When I attempt to update the same Object Model via my Skuid page, it does not honor the SFDC Validation Rules for that Object. I tested Validation Rules previously when we were still using Skuid Version 8.15.0 and it had no problems recognizing the Validation Rules. We just barely did an upgrade to Version 10.0.5 and now I am experiencing this issue. I also double-checked that I have the checkbox enabled for “Show Errors Inline”. Any ideas?


Hmmmm, this is curious. I just tested in a 10.0.6 org and am seeing errors associated with validation rules displaying correctly. Can you include screenshots of the following for both the older version of Skuid and the current version?

  • Screenshots of the Skuid page from the end user’s perspective where one shows the error message correctly and the other is not showing the error message
  • From the Salesforce setup menu, screenshots of the validation rule that accompanies the above screenshot
Also, are you getting any error messages in the browser console? I’m sure you’ve also checked for this but any differences in casing, such as Skuid vs. skuid, where the validation rule is for Skuid and the user isn’t getting an error message when typing in skuid? 


Hi Karen. So I do have a partial update for this. 1) I have been testing in the meantime and have concluded that the native component buttons (“Show Save/Cancel”) will trigger the validation rules as expected. But they show the error at the top of the page AND on the field itself. 2) I believe it has to do with using custom buttons to run multiple actions that fails to honor the validation rules? I was using a custom button as part of a button set that was saving changes to the correct data model, but it fails to grab the validation errors. This is my update so far…


Are you using custom buttons with multiple declarative actions or custom buttons with multiple actions including running custom code? I am able to get my validation errors to appear for the former. If you are doing the latter, can you provide the XML for the custom button, including the XML for any custom code being triggered by that button? 


Hi Karen,

My actions are as:

Show message and block UI
Update row data
Save model data
Query model
Unblock UI

It basically shows the message/locks UI and goes into limbo, never actually corrects itself with the validation errors. I am able to see the errors but the UI never unlocks.

Karen do you have a moment to continue progress on this with me? I have narrowed it down to the tabset component. The validation rule errors are displaying properly when I have one continuous page, but as soon as I segment the page into different tabs, the errors will only display on the first tab. They will not display on the second or third tabs. Any thoughts?