sfdc standard search -- textarea & rich text

Seems like the sfdc standard search can return values found in textarea fields (as evidenced by this trick).

Any way we can do that in skuid? Seems like we can’t search against/query rich text or text areas with soql?

Very nice trick from Zach that you found.

Where are you trying to search from? Anywhere that you can perform search with Skuid, you can select to use SOSL rather than SOQL to perform the search, and SOSL allows you to search across Textarea and Rich Text fields.

The standalone Search component uses SOSL Search, but you have to tell it to search against Textarea and Rich Text fields — to do this, change the “Fields to Search” property on the Search component from “Name Fields” to “All Text Fields”.

Regular Table / Queue / etc. Search boxes can also be configured to perform SOSL searches rather than SOQL searches - in the Table’s properties go to “Filters and Search > Search Fields” and then check the box “Use SOSL to improve search performance”.

Sweet! Never knew what SOSL was.

I am trying to enable search across STRING fields and TEXTAREA fields on a table.  SOSL only allows you to pick one or the other.  I’ve also tried Client search, but that doesn’t seem to work.  Any suggestions?

I also have this, any update?