SF1, how to upload Images - "Cannot upload large files in lightning"

A client is trying to use a Skuid Page to allow for mobile expense management. When using the File Upload component and trying to upload an image, we are hit with a “Cannot upload large files in lightning” message (screenshot below).

Any ideas on how to get around this?

This is still an issue despite the upgrade to the new SF mobile app and Millau.
Any ideas on how to fix?

Hi Mansour, how large are the files in question?

It’s a photo from the phone. 

Hi Mansour. I wanted to let you know that I am still looking into the cause for this. It sounds like there is a limitation in Lightning to how Salesforce exposes the API that allows for this functionality. Do you have any flexibility to switch to Classic in your version of the SF1 app?

Thanks Mark - I’m not sure what you mean by “switch to classic” in SF1.  Could you elaborate please?

Have any updates been made to this issue?
This is a major part of a mobile implementation we are working on.

Hello Mansour,

This is still a limitation when running natively in Lightning Experience, you cannot upload files over 650kb in size. However, I’ve just found out that the workaround is to display Skuid in Visualforce within Lightning Experience.

This approach can also be taken in SF1 Mobile App, meaning you can display Skuid in a Visualforce Tab and add that Visualforce Tab to Salesforce1.

So, instead of using Skuid’s Page component in your Lightning app, display your Skuid page in a Visualforce page. You can then bring that Visualforce page into Lightning via Salesforce’s Visualforce component in the Lightning App builder. 

That totally worked.  Amazing - thank you so much Mark!

We are all in on Lightning but have this issue with the upload. Any solutions to use Skuid File Upload within lightning? This is a major hurdle for us as we deal with a lot of attachments for records and need this functionality.

We do not want to use the visualforce work around as we trying to keep everything within lighting app builder. Our File Upload function is within a Table drawer. So the attachments parent id is a Child Record of Page record. Does that make sense? We have multiple Skuid pages within the one Lightning Builder page. But the main page holds the child record table with its attachments file upload functionality for each child record

nevermind. Got it working by using visualforce component within Lightning Builder. Was confused on your logic but got it working using your method

Hi Benton, this is a high priority item, and our engineers are working to build a solution. We do not have any updates at this time, but I am glad you were able to make use of the Visualforce workaround. I have also heard that some customers are able to use a Lightning file upload component alongside their Skuid page, but the feasibility of that depends on whether you need to do any Skuid-specific things (like trigger an action sequence after upload is complete, for example).

Any updates here?

Hi Allison. Work is progressing on this. The solution requires some new supporting architecture, so it is a larger effort than it might seem at first glance. We will be sure to update this thread when a solution is available. If you didn’t see it, the workaround suggested above might be of use to you in the meantime.

Thanks, definitely interested in a proper fix! 

This should be in the documentation though, I looked all over for this because I was having the issue too, but not on mobile, just a lightning component in the app builder.  Dismissed this post initially because it was focused on sf1. 

Mark, are you building the fix for this on Spark V2 pages only or will it also be available for V1 and Millau?

Is there any update on when the fix is coming?

Hi Harry. This should be possible in pages starting in Skuid release 12.1.X. There’s an checkbox in the file uploader component properties that allows you to use the Lightning file uploader when in Lightning. You’ll want to check this box. Be aware though that the Lightning file upload component can’t be used in a Skuid Popup, so the alternative would be to use a sliding panel instead of the popup.

Hi Mark, This works. Thx, ~harry