SF Button that redirects to a URL with parameters

We are using Skuid version 8.11

I created a detail button on the standard Case object in Salesforce.  The button has the following URL: /apex/ERPOrderRequestRedirectPage?caseId={!Case.Id}&contactId={!Case.ContactId}&division={!Case.Division__c}&caseNumber={!Case.CaseNumber}

I created a new button on our Skuid page that references that SF button.  The Skuid page is used within the Service Console in Service Cloud.

On the standard Case page layout the button redirects to the correct page.  The Skuid button that references the detail button throws the following error: "fotlinc--dev1--cs63.my.salesforce.com is not an authorized domain"

If I put the same URL into the Skuid button instead of referencing the SF button (changing the merge variables), then it redirects fine.  I have tried whitelisting that domain in the Service Console app, but it didn’t make any difference.  I would rather not hardcode that URL into the Skuid button since we have a standard button that does the same thing.

Any help is appreciated!

Hi Erick,

Are you still experiencing this problem? If so:

- Are you still using Skuid 8.11?
- When using the Skuid button, does the resulting URL match the URL on the SF button?

The “… not an authorized domain” error definitely seems odd.