Setting "or" conditions for Page Include

I am trying to figure out how to pass multiple values as conditions to a Page include. For instance, I am calling a Page via page include, call it “Prospects”. Prospects is a page that has a model of Accounts. Those Accounts have an Industry field and a Sub-Sector field. What I would like to accomplish is to filter the Prospects page via page include to show Accounts with either “Auto” or “Energy” as the Industry but NOT either “Clean Tech” or “Hybrid” as the Sub-Sectors.

Could someone let me know if this is doable? And if so, how to accomplish this?

I think you could set up a several conditions on your page that will be included. Some conditions you will set to equal a URL parameter and some you will set up to not equal a URL parameter. You could set the conditions to ignore if the parameter is not present. That way you could send several parameters through in the query setting of the Page include component such as: &IndustryA=Auto&IndustryB=Energy&SubsectorANot=CleanTech&SubsectorBNot=Hybrid

so helpful! TY!