Setting global or default search properties and customizing default behavior

I love the feature where I can customize the search properties on a reference/lookup field. This is super helpful. We use fairly standard templates to customize these search properties every time a field that is referencing a certain model is placed in an editor. For example, when searching for accounts, we always want the name and description to display so we can verify that we are selecting the correct account. Currently I have to remember to customize the search properties every time I place a reference field. Anytime I want to tweak the templates to add or change a field or even just change the delimiters, I have to go back through and find again every single place I ever put a reference field. Inevitably this leads to inconsistency. Is it possible to set some kind of global default, or at least a default at the page, model, or field level? 

On a related note, I would like “Use SOSL to improve search performance” to be the default. I have to remember to change this everywhere. It would be great if I could only have to remember to change this if I want to change the default behavior.