Set the mode to Read-Only

In my skuid page, I need to set the mode of all editable components to read-only. Any idea on how to implement this functionality in javascript snippet?

field editors in all tabs should be displayed as read-only as well, not only in the active tab

Here is a post about changing modes using javascript. There are a lot of comments with a lot of explanation. Make sure you read through them all.

Did you mean to post a link here? I don’t think that came through. At least, I can’t se a link to a post

The link would be helpful!…

Is this page available now? @Skuidward_Tentacles

I think they deleted the old posts from more than a couple years ago when they migrated communities.
Now you can change read only/read with Edit/Edit with the action framework without using Java.

@Skuidward_Tentacles Can you help me with adding the read mode using the action framework. I’m trying to set the tabset/page to read-only mode on a button click action. But couldn’t find any option to add the conditions/ select the component for that matter in the “Run component action”

I’m not sure what the issue is. Here is what I see in V2 editor: