Set Tab based on field value on page load / refresh

I am trying to set a Tab on a page based on the value on a model field. The use case is if I have a possible of three status’s on the Order (Model). Status (field) and they are Open, Working and Closed.
If when the field is Open I was Tab A to be the active tab, when the field is Working have B be active etc…

I think I am missing something simple, Sorry if this is answered some where else, I could not find anything related.

Welcome to Skuid! Glad you are asking questions here.

Unfortunatly I don’t think you are missing anything. Our features are pretty deep, and that makes them hard to find!

Our tabsets will respect a hash parameter in a URL and open the page with the tab activatedw whos “ID” matches that parameter. SO if the URL that gets you to your Order page includes the status value as a hash. “”. You can make your URL dynamic with merge syntax on the originating page.

Then make the ID varlue for your tab “Open” and that tab will be activated on page load. See the image below.

We have talked about actions that would expose particular tabs - which would allow you to open tabs when the data is loaded, or when it is updated within the page. But those are not available yet.

Hopefully this helps.