Set model condition based on comma separated string

We have partners that are only allowed to install certain products based on criteria set on their account record. The criteria is set programmatically in a text field which results in a comma separated string. We want to only display products via a model condition on the product model where the product type (picklist) on a product record contains one of the values set in the string. Is there a way to do this? I’m able to get it to work if the string only contains one value but if it contains two or more, nothing is returned in the product table…

Here’s a bit more color:

Installer X can install product types  A & B
Installer Y can install product types B & C
Installer Z can only install product type A

Product type is set on the product record in a picklist and each product only has one type (A, B, or C)

So when Installer X is the partner on an Opportunity (via related lookup) our rep should only see products A and B in the product table.

I’m open to switching the product type on the Account to a multi-select picklist but I know those are troublesome as well.

Appreciate any insight.


Perhaps you can make 3 separate Salesforce formula fields that check to see if the string contains: 1) A 2) B 3) C The formula results would either be the type name (Like “A”) or the text string “Not Authorized”. Then you could make three conditions on your product model where product type equals the formula field corresponding to each product type and set the condition execution settings to 1 OR 2 OR 3.

No luck. It doesn’t seem to like the multiple values on the condition… I’ll keep banging away at it and post a solution when I get to it