Set Context for Action Sequence

Though I like Action Sequences, the one thing they don’t currently handle is context. I often make use of popups and drawers that act the same from multiple places which are a great use case for Action Sequences, except that Context isn’t recognized.

To the end, can you provide an Action Type to “Set Context Row” so that the popup can use the existing without having to query for it.

I really like this idea, Pat. It would help prevent building a bigger stack of models if we could use the context of a specific row we already had in the page.

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Same use case.

Great idea. I keep thinking I can hack it somehow by passing a row Id in as a field value in the $Inputs, but can’t get it to work that way. 

Yep. Solid idea. This has been a need since we first released the action framework. Lots of (potentailly messy) ways to work around it, but I agree that having a cut and dried declarative solution is the right way for us to solve the problem. I just added this to our internal insight review tool.