Send Email via Outlook Data Source Action - HTML issues

I’m setting up Outlook as a Data Source so that users can send emails from Skuid (which…by the way is very very cool).

All is connected and emails are sending fine. The issue I’m having is that text contained in a salesforce ‘long text’ field does not maintain its formatting, particularly for ‘/’ forward slash characters.

The field value in the long text field looks like this:

However the email body in the email sent from outlook looks like this:

I have tried every combination I can think of:

  • Rich text field instead of long text
  • HTML email instead of plain text
  • Triple braces instead of double braces on the merge syntax

and every combination of the ones above.

What am I missing here to make ‘special’ characters be correctly formatted?

Are you using Skuid Platform or Salesforce Skuid?

If you’re on Salesforce Skuid, what version are you on?

Salesforce Skuid. Millau 11.0.3 in a Sandbox

Can you post a screenshot of your “Send Email” Data Source Action? 

Triple braces solve the line break issue, but not the date formatting. So “12/01/2018” gets distorted but all other text works just fine.

Just to verify, if you hard-code in the value, it works fine, right? It’s only when you use the merge syntax that it gets garbled, right?

Well this is odd, if I put a different merge field (with double braces) before the long text field (which contains a date), then it works fine, but if I put the long text first, the date gets gets garbled.

I also tried just entering some text before the merge field, but that doesn’t work. Only entering another field with double braces merge syntax. Hard coding the date values also works fine.

Its like the first merge field activates something that then makes the long text field merge correctly after it…